Original Music

Well, I Guess” by Lorelei Garner. My attempt to write a classic ballad from the 30’s. Like this classic sung by Ava Gardner. (Acoustic Vintage)

I have a Dream” by ABBA. (Cover) Enjoy the Dreamlike Echo of this pretty lullaby. (Lush Acoustic)

Walkin‘” by Lorelei Garner. A song about death and how some prefer to remain distracted rather than be present in love with the dying. (Acoustic Folk)

You Were Mine” by Lorelei Garner. This song is dedicated to Joe Garner and his family. I wrote it after he passed away from cancer. (Acoustic)

Mile a Minute” by Lorelei Garner. Life is too short so slow it down. (Blues)

Core” by Lorelei Garner. A love song. I love the harmonies that come in later. (Acoustic)

Still in Love with You” by Lorelei Garner. No matter what, it is what it is. Basically. (Acoustic Country-ish)

Trigger” by Lorelei Garner. This song is about the struggle and pains of domestic violence. Kind of like “Jani’s got a Gun“. Recording credit goes to Mr. Tony Wallace. (R&B Ballad)

Could You” by Lorelei Garner. A little neurotic and a lot of drama. Le Wah. Yes, I am a Muse fan. (Electronic)

Adrift” by Lorelei Garner. An original piano composition. Like sitting by Contemplation Lake. (Piano solo)

Green Tea & Tangerines” by Lorelei Garner. A looney tune about mermaids and sh*t. (Acoustic pop)

Combust” by Lorelei Garner. Have you ever been so in love (or in lust), you thought you’d burst? Well, here you go. I am not proud of the recording quality, but it will have to do for now. In the meantime, just turn it up. I’ll get to it asap. Maybe. (Electronic)


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