House Concert @ The Bertino’s

bertino 23 

Elizabeth and Betsy Podsiadlo and friends Showcase @ Salerno Winery in Ramona


Photos by Jon Gabbard 2016

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2016 “The Garners” photo ideas. “The Strivers”

20160131_200856 (2) 20160131_201358 (1) (2)

2015 November Show @ the Hide Out in Normal Heights, San Diego, Ca. (Guitar – Jon G., Bass – Chris Duvall, Flute/Harmonies – Andrea Newall, Vox/Uke – Lorelei Garner)

FB_20141129_17_43_45_Saved_Picture FB_20141129_17_44_03_Saved_Picture

2015 Show at Bourbon St. in University Heights, San Diego, Ca. (Guitar – Jon G., Bass – Chris Duvall, Flute/Harmonies – Andrea Newall, Drums – Catherine Barnes,  Vox/Uke – Lorelei Garner)

FB_20150103_01_00_34_Saved_Picture FB_20150103_01_01_00_Saved_Picture FB_20150103_01_00_16_Saved_Picture

Jammin’ at Harley Magsino and Shira’s Wedding Reception. 2015 (Vox – Lorelei Garner, Guitar – Jon G., Bass – Justin Grinnell)


2014 Lazy Hummingbird Coffee Shop in Ocean Beach, San Diego, Ca. (Vox/Uke  – Lorelei Garner, Guitar – Jon G.)

FB_20150629_13_36_23_Saved_Picture FB_20150629_13_36_28_Saved_Picture

2014. Fish and the Sparrow Album Covers.

FB_20140310_01_11_40_Saved_Picture InstagramCapture_b76ca57e-8982-41cb-b155-88a5f32e46ce_jpg



Lorelei opening for Dat Phan at the Comedy Palace. (Jan 2010 & August 2010)

17465_430478270334_7912413_n         40500_149494505068071_6558234_n

Songwriter Showcase hosted by Mario Firefingers – Jan. 2011 (Photos by Nyle Cadaver)

164514_182367358451461_3882960_n     164726_182366501784880_6577093_n

Macaroni Club at Lestat’s – Halloween 2010. Twas’ a goulishly thrilling evening, indeed.


Macaroni Club at Monica’s 2010. Jon Ji tunes with Lorelei on the lap snare. Oh yesssss!

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lorelei singing at monica's         at monica's    Jon Ji and Lorelei jammin' on the lil' angel.

Lorelei jumping in on an open mic nite at Lestat’s (March 2011)


And more random photos of Miss Lorelei

welcoming autumnPhoto on 2012-12-24 at 23.36 #4 Photo on 2012-12-24 at 23.36 #2 Photo on 2012-12-24 at 23.34 Photo on 2012-12-24 at 23.33     Photo on 2011-03-03 at 21.47 Photo on 2010-07-03 at 23.46 Photo on 2010-07-03 at 23.45 #4IMG_0659 Photo on 2011-03-03 at 21.44Photo on 2011-03-03 at 21.44 #3

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