Sing & Strum Ukulele Workshop

The Ukulele Sing & Strum Workshop welcomes all

levels. Just bring your Uke and Vocalizer!

Sessions are 1 hour long. We will begin with uke and vocal warm-ups, learn some chords and strum patterns, then sing & strum along to some of our favorite tunes. Workshops are offered from mid June thru the end of July and again mid August thru the end of September. Sessions are $10.

Locations and dates coming soon! (San Diego Area)

If interested, please fill out the form below. Thank you! I look forward to playing music with you.

What am I doing?

Been burning the midnight oil making my website look and function niftily. This arena is definitely not where I stomp my feet confidently but I’m learning and have a few strands of hair still left on this hot little head. More to come on this fetus of a website. Watch it grow.